The Coalition's War

The Adventure that Wasn't (Chapter 17)

Erdanen rejoiced as Kome brought Blank back through the portal, but her mood looked sour. She wasted no time in bitterly explaining how the cleric had traded Amyria for her, then absconded to gods-knew where. Legion laughed, mocking the kalashtar’s supposed “wisdom”… one thing led to another, and the party came to blows with the warforged.

Fueled by infernal magic, Legion shrugged off each spell and weapon that was thrown at him. Even striking him with a sword like Ruin Silme Megil only left scratches. But even his metal body wasn’t perfect, and bit by bit, he was worn down… only to rise again. At least twice, the party felled him, only to watch him stand up and continue his onslaught! Kome’s darker nature had started the fight wishing for his death… but he came to realize that his power as the Indigo Fox had faded, and his new place as a Saint of Ioun was far greater. He spoke a word of peace, binding the seemingly unbeatable foe so that he could not engage in violence unless he was struck first.

The Champions stood down, watching in horror as Legion’s fury grew, fire seeming to lick out of every joint, blazing behind his artificial eyes. “Fight me… FIGHT ME!” he demanded, striking his fists impotently on the ground. Silently, the party turned and left.

Seeking advice, the party struck out for the realm of Moradin, whose Aspect greeted them with caution. Bahamut’s unofficial successor, Dakranad, had come to him recently, and warned of the party’s ill intentions, but with careful words they were able to convince him they were allies of Bahamut. Sadly, the Aspect explained that the mithral dragon’s trickery had fooled even he – Dakranad spoke lies of wishing to revive Bahamut, and so the god of dwarves had given him a divine spark, fresh from his godforge. To most, it was usless on its own, but combined with a deity’s essence, it could revive a god or perhaps even create a new one.

Putting the pieces together, the party raced for the bridge of al-Sihal, atop the highest peak of the mountain Chronias, the Radiant Throne. There, the Archangel Zachariel stood eternal watch over the radiant gateway that led to the Great Beyond.

Before the bridge stood Dakranad himself, snarling before a small force of demons led by Dispater himself; the dragon held a creation spark, while Dispater’s minions held Amyria. From their arguing and threats spit back and forth, it wasn’t hard for the party to realize that Amyria’s body held a small piece of Bahamut’s essence. If she and the creation spark were carried through the golden doorway, their bearer would re-emerge as a god!



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