The ancient hero (and namesake) of the githzerai and githyanki peoples, who led the revolt that liberated them from their mind flayer overlords. It is said that her disappearance marked the beginning of the rift between the two peoples. It is said that her last command was for her followers to embark on an Eternal Crusade, to ensure that the illithid would never threaten them again.

The githyanki honor her memory by arming their soldiers with replicas of her silver longsword, sending them on forays to strange places in the planes to collect mind flayer skulls.

The githzerai admire what she did, but could not stomach the thought of the Crusade. Instead, they chose lives of peace and contemplation, beginning a monastic tradition that continues to this day.

After leading her people to Tu’narath, Gith realized they could not survive there for long. They were plagued by astral dreadnoughts, demons, and other errant threats, and they were far from being self-sufficient. Without supplies, the githyanki who survived these assaults soon began to starve. Once more, they looked to their champion for salvation.

Gith sent representatives in every direction in an attempt to find allies in the Astral Sea. All returned with nothing to show for their efforts, except for Vlaakith. She had arranged for her and Gith to meet Dispater in Hell to negotiate a potential alliance. With no other options, Gith accepted, and set out for the City of Dis.

Although Dispater had no interest in loaning out his diabolic minions, he was more than willing to make introductions on the githyanki’s behalf. He invited Ephelomon, then-exarch of Tiamat, and acted as a neutral arbitrator in their negotiations. Ephelomon knew that his mistress coveted the prowess of the githyanki military, and so used his authority to offer Gith the services of several flights of red dragons in exchange for allegiance to the Chromatic Dragon.

Vlaakith urged Gith to take the deal, but Gith was wary. She accepted, but only with the assurance that Tiamat would never own the githyanki, nor interrupt the Eternal Crusade. Ephelomon accepted, and forged a scepter to seal the pact. Before he could complete it, though, Dispater advised the dragon to exact some kind of collateral from the hero, which the archdevil himself could hold onto, being the neutral party.

The collateral was Gith’s soul.

Riding at the head of a flight of red dragons and bearing the Scepter of Ephelomon, Vlaakith I informed Gith’s followers of her fate, and assumed leadership over them in her place.

Recently, it appears that Gith has been reborn as Vlaakith CLVIII, or the 158th, after her release from Hell following Tiamat and Zetch’r’r breaking the original pact. She heads the githyanki Separatist movement, and has placed her hopes of a free Tu’narath in the Platinum Champions.


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