The Coalition's War

Lair of the Perfidious One

Nothing can stop the Champions, and yet, so much is lost...

After descending to the Citadel’s dungeon, the black exarch, Mornujhar was found to be watching over an angelic prisoner. He proved to be a stealthy, underhanded opponent, but much more formidable was the chaos-addled beholder that served him. Saint Komè Banished the aberration back to the Far Realm by calling on Ioun’s power – without its help, Mornujhar was doomed.

Capitalizing on his foe’s sudden misfortune, Ionen, Io Reborn ordered the fellow dragonborn to surrender in the name of the one true god of dragonkind. Mornujhar relinquished his sword and armor, vowing fealty to the one who had defeated him. He freed the prisoner he’d kept in the dungeon, an angel of Bahamut by the name of Agyrturyte. Between her story and his (as well as the records found in Onthorirfel’s library), the party was able to determine that Mornujhar had served Onthorirfel for some time now, and had infiltrated Bahamut’s home in Celestia long ago to steal a ritual that could summon the Platinum Dragon himself. The lich, swayed by offers of wealth and promises of innumerable favors for helping her scheme against her brother, was seduced away from Vecna’s service and went into hiding in Vaerothim, slowly corrupting the ritual until it could be used by Tiamat herself… though it would take a millennium to complete!

Bahamut, ever wary of Tiamat’s schemes, sent his spies across the planes for many generations, but didn’t discover Onthorirfel’s involvement until nearly 25 years ago. Agyrturyte was sent to discover the nature of the lich’s research, but was discovered by Mornujhar and imprisoned. With much disagreement from Erdanen, Ionen decided to send his new follower back to Sayre in the angel’s custody.

Komè repeated his displeasure at seeing the bard continuing to rely on the vampire’s evil sword, though his reasonable arguments only incensed the ‘vacationing’ lord of Sayre. He became uncharacteristically abrasive at the suggestion that he should give up his greatest treasure, even going so far as to utter vague threats to his friends until they relented.

After a series of battles that seemed quite simple to the incredibly-skilled Champions, they finally reached the top of the Citadel, where the ritualist seemed to be expecting them. He laughed as they questioned his intentions – it seemed he had an insatiable lust for power, and lending his skills to Tiamat to bring down her brother was too tempting to pass up. Not only would he be infamous for helping in the downfall of the god of nobility and justice, he’d also be richly rewarded by the god of greed, able to pursue whatever ends he saw fit for the rest of his unnatural existence. His face lit up in a lipless grin when the crystal ceiling flooded with an expansive image of the corrupted ritual taking place, putting a weakened Bahamut before Tiamat at the height of her power.

The heroes fought well, besting Onthorirfel even while under the debilitating enchantments of the Citadel’s walls that made them more susceptible to his spells. Unfortunately, Bahamut did not fare as well. The Platinum Battle Standard toppled as the dragon god fell, its power utterly spent.



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