The City of Death, the One in the Void.

It is here that the Githyanki make their home – it is their capital and largest settlement, with a population of over one hundred and twenty thousand (almost ten times larger than the largest city in the Mortal World, Overlook. Tu’narath is built on the corpse of a dead god afloat in the Astral Sea, and it stands as testament to why the githyanki are a race to be feared. Streets, buildings, castles – entire communities line the dead deity’s six arms, and bridges span the shattered fragments of its lower torso.

Few, if any, outsiders are allowed into the githyanki’s home city, and its defensibility can only be guessed at. Its defenders are known for their military discipline, as well as their proficiency with martial, psionic, and arcane combat techniques – not to mention their skill with riding dragons and piloting astral craft.

Tu’narath is the seat of power for the githyani’s ruler: Emperor Zetch’r’r rules from his throne in the Chromatic Bastion, an unholy cathedral built into the hollowed-out skull of the astral hulk. From there he commands the entirety of Tu’narath (as well as numerous other outposts and settlements), directing the effort of his people in their campaign against the Mortal World, all for the glory of Tiamat.


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