Sayre, jewel of the Elsir Vale and birthplace of The Platinum Shield Coalition. It is a city of breathtaking artwork nestled in a fertile river valley. It is ruled by Lady Catherine Torrance, wife of the late Divian Torrance and mother of Erdanen Torrance. The city is represented in the Coalition council by Amyria.

Sayre remains largely untouched by the ravages of Tiamat’s War, despite how tempting a target it must seem to the githyanki – Sayre is still used as the base of operations for both the Coalition Council and the Platinum Champions, and it also boasts a university dedicated to teaching the arcane (as well as mundane) arts. The reason for this is Sayre’s unique topography: mountains block access from the north and east, while a steep cliffside protects it from the south. Only the west is vulnerable to ground assaults, but the Champions (bolstered by a standing force of Coalition militiamen) keep it safe.

In Chapter 8, Haven of the Bitter Glass, the Champions discovered what many in Sayre already knew: the city was built on the remains of a much older settlement: Auger. Auglos was a brilliant artificer from long ago, and after he was banished from Nefelus 400 years ago, he built a tower in this valley. Scholars and wizards slowly came there to join him, and soon enough, a city was founded.

Auglos’ research led him to invent a device that would enable small groups of individuals to have instant communication with each other, even if separated by planar boundaries. It was flawed, however, and radiated waves of psychic energy that could seriously harm anyone nearby. Even storing it underground proved ineffective, so Auglos crafted a ritual to shunt the feedback into the Astral Sea, where it soon attracted the attention of the githyanki.

They followed the energy back to its source, razing Auger to the ground with a flight of dracoknights. Sixty years later, dwarven engineers constructed a dam on the Lake of Songs to the northwest, allowing the floodplain that the land had become to drain enough to allow Auger’s rebuilding. The ruins remained buried under years of silt, but many buildings from Sayre today have basements made from the old houses and churches of Auger.


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