Platinum Shield Coalition


Though its membership has changed over the months, Amyria originally assembled many of these powerful individuals in Chapter 8: Haven of the Bitter Glass, in response to the githyanki assault on Overlook in Chapter 6. Together, their combined wealth, military might, and resourcefulness gave them a better chance of defending their world from Zetch’r’r’s dark ambitions.

Additionally, many of them brought forward some of the greatest heroes in their midst, and these assembled paragons of battle formed the Platinum Champions. The Champions’ numbers varied greatly from week to week, but they were always sent out in groups of three to five to accomplish their goals. Each assignment carried great importance to the Coalition, and it is an understatement to say that their efforts changed the course of the war.


Amyria has convinced the council members to withdraw their armies (as well as the bulk of their populations) to key defensible positions, such as Sherrbyr, Overlook, and Sayre. Enemy movements had become impossible to predict once the githyanki made more and more use of their advances in planar travel, and the best the Council could do was make preparations for a defensive war. Armies focused on garrisoning city walls, though some strike teams (sometimes aided by Champions) stayed mobile to protect supply caravans and keep lines of trade open.

The githyanki refused to throw themselves uselessly against fortified defenses, and any armies that Coalition forces managed to cut off from reinforcement simply teleported away. Thus, the war reached a stalemate on many fronts. If something was not done about the enemy’s ability to move back and forth between the world and the Astral Plane at will, it would only be a matter of time before the githyanki found a way to break the fortifications, possibly by continued use of their considerable infiltration and possession techniques.

A turning point was finally reached when the Platinum Champions managed to capture The Well of Worlds, disabling much of the githyanki’s ability to move armies from their astral home to the world. After following this victory with the capture of Garaitha’s Anvil and the assassination of Zetch’r’r, the war was ended.


In Chapter 10, Amyria was elected to the position of Coalition leader (following the death of Divian Torrance), but she abdicated her position so that the nations might see each other as equals in this time of peace. She hopes that the alliance they shared will banish all sense of isolationism from the nations, teaching them to work together to create a better world.

Platinum Shield Coalition

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