Overlook is a marvel of modern progress, and the single largest city in the Elsir Vale. Its walls are perfectly square, though some of the city’s dwellings spill over into the surrounding land. Its architects have a keen eye for order and development – most streets and alleys are laid out in a simple, gridlike pattern that makes navigation of the city uncommonly simple. Indeed, people who dwell too long in Overlook often find themselves lost when exploring other cities. Every time the city outgrows its walls, a new set has been built, making the city all but impossible to assault by ordinary means.

The great city used to be represented on the Coalition council by Haloc, but his retirement prompted the council to replace him with a candidate who would be able to represent the Vale as a whole.

Overlook was built by the dwarves many of their generations ago, when their kind was just starting to inherit the world. Long had they been living under the oppression of giantkind, forced underground to making arms and armor for their cruel masters. As the giant’s rule was slowly chipped away by the dwindling human Empire of Nerath, the dwarves finally found the strength to rise up against their slavers, earning their freedom forever. Many dwarves in the world prefer to live underground to be closer to their mines, but the dwarves of Overlook have seen too much of the gray earth, and now prefer to dwell in the light.

On busy days, the skies above the city may be choked with smoke from forge-fires, but the dwarves who inhabit it seem not to mind. Of course, many other races populate the city, and many more come from far and wide to trade their goods and food for fine dwarven craft. But for all of Overlook’s renown, it has its marred and dirtied places as well. A human-run thief’s guild called the Lost Ones rules the criminal underworld, poverty and sickness plague the district of Nine Bells, and filth is everywhere.

Overlook offered the Death Mockers much in the way of opportunity for fame and financial gain. It was also the first settlement directly assaulted by the githyanki, who sent Zithiruun, the Broken General, to raze it to the ground with an army of mercenaries. Though he succeeded in breaching the walls, destroying the city’s infrastructure, and possessing a number of the city’s influential citizens, he was ultimately thwarted. The dwarves took heavy losses, but their spirit remained intact. As for Overlook itself, it was nothing a little rebuilding couldn’t cure.


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