This deva-populated island nation is a tropical paradise, and it boasts what may be the world’s most powerful naval force. It is a magocracy, ruled by a the seven most powerful deva mages on the island, whose combined might is formidable enough to stand against even empowered artifacts. It is represented on the Coalition by Bejam, who has pledged the service of his country’s resourceful arcanists and formidable flying craft to countering the githyanki threat.

It was not easy to convince the devas to join the fight – before the war, they had long become used to their practice of isolationism. Only by removing Chillreaver’s threat to their home convinced them to return the favor, a task which cost the Champions most dearly.

Nefelese society is highly enlightened, blessed by bounteous lands and an era of peace. Its inhabitants have created in its capital city a kind of utopia where crime and poverty are all but unknown. There are few visitors to the island, even since the alliance; more than nine-tenths of the population is deva, and it is said that all devas reincarnate upon its shores. Of all the devas known to the Champions, only Amyria and Jayne are not natives.

The most prominent feature of Nefelus is its Great Library, an opulent dome which crowns the highest cliff of the tiered city. It acts as the seat of its government, its largest repository of knowledge both arcane and historical, its university, and even as a temple dedicated to both Ioun and Corellon.


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