Monadhan is a domain of wretched anguish forever
lost within the endless reaches of the Shadowfell.
Escaping the clutches of a domain of dread is no easy
task, because the Shadowfell does not give up its
secrets lightly. Only those who come to understand
something of the dark lord and why the domain came
to be can hope to breathe free air once more.

Long ago, the remote jungle outpost attacked by
Arantor and his daughter was known as Monadhan. Its
ruin, toppled by time and choked by the forest, lies
nameless and forgotten deep in a trackless rain forest
of the mortal realm. In the Shadowfell, however, it
still stands within the domain that shares its name.
Most of the residents are ignorant of their home’s
proper title and refer to it in all manner of creative
and expletive-ridden nicknames.

Like the dark lord, those that inhabit the domain
of Monadhan have all committed a manner of base
treachery. Only traitors find themselves here: commanders
who send those who trusted them to their
deaths out of pride, magistrates who condemned
innocents to line their pockets, those who turned
upon their friends or families to save themselves,
and the like. The greater the treachery and the more
pathetic the reason, the more likely the perpetrator
is to find a place within Monadhan. Needless to say,
trust is hard to come by; those who survive long learn
to sleep with one eye open and a dagger in hand.

The domain’s most famous (or infamous, as the
case might be) inhabitant is the vampire Kas. Cast
here after his betrayal and attempt on the life of the
god Vecna, he remains drawn to
the traitor’s domain like a moth to a flame, going so
far as to keep a small base of operations and cadre of
minions within Monadhan.


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