Hallmark Moments

Sir Erdanen Torrance

After traveling to the Elemental Chaos in pursuit of Sarshan, the Death Mockers found themselves battling in the middle of the Sea of Fire. Heroes and monsters alike were leaping between a dozen or so earthbergs floating on the lava, and more than once, someone slipped off the edge to be badly scalded by partial immersion in the magma. After the fight finished, everyone managed to get to safety except Erdanen, who had to choose between a nigh-impossible jump or floating out to sea to slowly die of heat exhaustion.

“My friends,” he shouted across to his compatriots. “There comes a time in every man’s life where he must either realize his true greatness or die horribly in the attempt. In case I don’t make this, I want you to know it was a pleasure journeying with you.” His friends saluted, unable to do more than watch as Erdanen backed up and jumped for all he was worth. And damn if his heels didn’t just land on the edge of the other side!

Jett, the Incinerator

During the fight outside Sarshan’s tower, Jett jumped off a ledge in an attempt to get to safety. He missed his target and fell in the lava. Having already been bloodied, his friends thought the worst. But, after a few seconds, he emerged from the lava like a phoenix from the flames and swam to the nearest earthberg, screaming in pain and rage.

During a fight in the Shadowfell. Jett used the power of Ruin Silme Megil to banish a desecration to a demiplane before it clouded him and his allies in a deadly plague.

On the shores of Hestavar, the Champions confronted Erdanen for the last time about his obsession with the Sword of Kas. Jett made a desperate gamble, trapping both himself and Erdanen with his sword’s banishing power and refusing to release him until he surrendered the evil blade. Erdanen refused, using the artifact’s terrible power to magnify acts of betrayal, laying low the genasi in seconds… only to be caught wholly unprepared to face the other three Champions. Jett’s act made certain that Erdanen could not escape.


After traveling with his compatriots in the Triage to the Shadowfell to chase after a rather slippery enemy, Bressal forgot to let out a battlecry to his deity, as was customary for him at the beginning of every fight; a tribute to his patron. Having failed in his customary battlecry, the God of Battle seemingly forsook the group and allowed them to be killed, ending most of the party’s journeying days.


In the Fortress of Three Sorrows, a defensive checkpoint orbiting Tu’narath, the Champions found Dispater’s aspect keeping watch over Gith. Though the archdevil’s tricks were more than enough to throw the party off guard, Legion persevered, using Dispater’s own power against him in a terrible duel of curses and hellfire. In the end, Dispater fled, but wasn’t able to get far before being destroyed.

Ionen, Io Reborn

While battling Emperor Zetch’r’r in his throne room, the red exarch Vraxanault descended from an upper balcony and attempted to roast the Champions with his incinerating breath. Thinking quickly, Ionen countered with his own breath weapon, changing it to a blast of cold that neutralized the searing flame. Vraxanault was flabbergasted when he realized that no one was hurt by his attack.

Later, in the realm known as Vaerothim, Ionen’s magic eradicated the undead minions of Tiamat’s black exarch, Mornujhar. After several spells of unbelievable power, and backing from his allies, Ionen finally intimidated his foe into surrendering, and was pleased to watch the dragonborn swear fealty to him!

Blank the Many

The party faced a sphinx by the name of Granosos in Ioun’s sealed library. When asked the riddle, “A hundred feet in the air, but its back is on the ground,” Blank answered “twenty-five sphinxes as slutty as you!” This perfect answer, while not technically correct, was far more witty and clever than anything the sphinx had come up with, not to mention carrying weight as a vicious insult. Granosos shamefully removed herself from the battle without another word.

Saint Komè

After adventuring with the Coalition for a brief period of time, Komè was confronted with revealing his past. He reluctantly told everyone that he used to be an infamous assassin known only as the Indigo Fox: the late Ziggy’s old master! The coalition never could’ve FATHOMED their pacifist healer was an assassin seeking forgiveness! What a twist!

Hallmark Moments

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