Gamer Acheivements

This is strictly out-of character stuff. This is a place to record all our greatest (and most shameful) gaming moments. Time permitting, I’d like to brainstorm some ideas with you guys so we don’t have a thousand different categories, but on the other hand, any writing is better than no writing. Come up with ways to display the high points of roleplaying and encounter scenarios, record the hallmarks, and then try to surpass them!

Greatest and Highest

Think “high scores.” Come up with awards that start with “best” or “most.”

  • Most Damaging Attack: Elfshire.
    Legion. Critical hit with Caution of Dispater against… Dispater’s aspect!? 24(3d8 maxed)+2d6+4d6+2d10+15+(vulnerable 14 all)=90 damage at 20th level.
  • Most Enemies Dropped in One Action: Pyro.
    Jett used an encounter power to blow away six minions spread out around him.
  • Most Enemies Dropped in One Turn: Afrodwarf.
    Ionen Used Prismatic Lightning, Primordial Storm, and Dragon Breath to take out 11 minions, and hurt three other foes besides.
  • Most Collateral Damage in One Turn: Pyro.
    Zan-kyri used an encounter power to zap 5 out of 10 mirrors in Chillreaver’s lair, and then zapped 3 more mirrors with his “Electric Action” action point feature.
  • Best Battle Tactics: Saint.
    Komé held an astral shade in a constant stun-lock, then nullified its power by dazing it until Bugug could finish it off.
  • Most used in-character quote quoted out-of-character: A tie between Saint and Pyro.
    “For Kord!”
  • Most Inventive Use of a Skill: Saint.
    Thoradin Ironfell rolled a 20 on an Endurance check in a skill challenge to filibuster his opinion to the Coalition council.
  • Best Improv: Race Class.
    Sokaris explains to the group his completely legit reasons for wearing dark clothing, carrying a giant sword, and traveling alone in the wilderness riding a bloodthirsty nightmare. No Diplomacy or Bluff rolls required.
  • Biggest Bonus: Elfshire.
    Erdanen Rocked out on the deck of the Sacrifice, giving his allies a bonus to damage that increased to a massive +50 by the end of the fight.
  • Most Intimidating: Afrodwarf.
    Ionen, after using a power and receiving bonuses from both Komè and Erdanen, intimidated Mornujhar to surrender before the fight was even half over.
  • Most Skillful: Afrodwarf.
    Ionen rolled a 56 to intimidate Mornujhar.

Worst and Lowest

Your shame makes us all look better by comparison.

  • That Guy: Saint.
    Earned the first real deroll.
  • Crappiest Roller: Race Class.
    All our 3 are belong to him.
  • Set Sail for Fail: Elfshire.
    Rolled a natural one. Rerolled, and still got a one. In a separate incident (though just as sad), he rolled four times and still missed.
  • Worst Pun: Pyro.
    (impression of a cyclops): I can’t believe my eye!
  • Useless: Pyro.
    Jett managed to pass the entirety of Chapter 11’s final encounter without marking a single enemy.
  • Masochist: Elfshire.
    While bloodied, Amyria continuously declined healing until finally passing out.
  • Kamikaze: Afrodwarf.
    Ionen, in a moment of poor judgment, caught himself in his own breath weapon for critical damage.


Specific achievements of note earn the player a new title.

  • Called Shot Marksman: Saint.
    Called Race Class’ crit with Astral Seal.
  • Leeroy Jenkins: Saint.
    Keyleth Starfletcher drew her bow on Lord Telicanthus in the middle of his own party without apparent provocation, sparking a brawl between the party and their would-be allies.
  • Ghandi: Saint.
    Komé, cleric of Ioun, has yet to deal a single point of damage to a living creature, though he did make a flying creature crash once (We’ll let that one slide).
  • Fancy!: Elfshire.
    Complete an item set: Resplendant Finery (Erdanen). Also, Raiment of Shadows (Legion). Also also, Silver Dragon Regalia (Ionen).
  • Resourceful: Race Class.
    Saved his earned rerolls until he had three, at which point he earned a fourth for this title.
  • Dragon’s Hoard: Unclaimed.
    Save your earned rerolls until you have at least ten.
  • Merry Critmas and a Happy New One: Everyone.
    In Cachlain’s dining hall, the party rolled 6 criticals in one encounter, the monsters rolled 5, and only one natural 1 was rolled, right at the end.
  • WHODAT!?”: Saint.
    Perform 5 or more different actions during the surprise round. Komé uses a free action for a monster knowledge check, then another to telepathically warn his allies about the impending danger. He then uses a standard action to plant the Coalition’s Battle Standard in the ground, declaring to the party the need for combat. He then uses a free action to use his Channel Divinity to give himself another +1 to his next attack for this turn. Out of actions; Action Point. Used to make an attack that stuns, which he kept the effect on the enemy to lead to group to unparalleled victory.
  • Off the Rails: Pyro.
    Put a portable hole on the gate leading into the secret githyanki library within the Well of Worlds. Man, there was supposed to be this whole skill challenge thing…
  • Cheater: Elfshire.
    Succeed on a level-appropriate roll when the d20 shows a 2. Erdanen succeeded on an attack due to combat advantage, a power bonus from the Coalition’s battle standard, and the opponent taking a -6 penalty to defenses.
  • My Turn: Saint.
    Successfully DM’ed a two-encounter delve, letting Elfshire be a PC for once.
  • Not useless in the rain: Afrodwarf.
    In the midst of a storm, deal more than 300 Fire damage during a single encounter.

Gamer Acheivements

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