Herein is found a brief history of the little town of Brindol, as it relates to the larger story.

Brindol is a small city in the Elsir Vale, reachable from Overlook with a moderate journey east down the Dwarfroad and the Dawn Way. It is not a center of power nor commerce, but it does boast a much larger population than surrounding settlements, which made it into the ideal candidate for electing its mayor, Eoffram Troyas, the Vale’s representative in the Coaltion council.

Brindol’s sole claim to fame is its museum dedicated to the town’s struggle against an army of hobgoblins from years ago: the Red Hand of Doom. Many relics were preserved from those days, including enemy swords and banners, and some of the personal effects of the heroes who lived or died to protect the city. Among these was a ceremonial platinum longsword said to be given as a gift to a paladin of Bahamut. The sword was later revealed to hold the spirit of a deva, which took the form of Amyria once released.

The Triage began their career in Brindol by fending off an attack from the returned Red Hand. They went on to mount a rescue party, delving into the depths of the nearby Rivenroar family crypts to rescue seven kidnapped villagers, as well as to reclaim the sword and other relics.

Much later, the Death Mockers helped Brindol as well when they answered the call of the platinum sword. They took it to Fortress Graystone, where they were able to release Amyria after defeating the vile Fangren.


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