Many powerful magic items, created by gods or mortals possessing immeasurable foresight and magical knowledge, have passed through the hands of the heroes, or have even stood in their path to victory.

The Invulnerable Coat of Arnd

Worn by a champion of Kord in an hour of great need, the Coat appears to heroes fighting impossible odds for the good of those around them. Bressal Steelhoof earned the coat after defeating the hobgoblin sergeant, Sinruth. Though his goals and the Coat’s were sometimes at odds, the armor served him well until his death in Chapter 3: Shadow Rift of Umbraforge.

Momento Mori

A skull mask containing the essence of a maddened tiefling arcanist, Momento Mori admired heroes that could strike fear into the hearts of their foes; it was only natural for it to find its way into the hands of Jett the Intimidator (Now known as “Jett the Incinerator”). At first Jett seemed to mesh rather well with the urges of the mask, and he drew on its power many times in an attempt to paralyze his foes with fear. But the mask became frustrated after he resisted its influence multiple times, and in the end, the swordmage smashed it against a rock – ending its attempts to join with him.

Ruin Silme Megil

Although not a true artifact, as its power is comparable to that of many other enchanted swords, something is not wholly usual about the Red Flame Moonlight Sword. It seems to bond to Jett as much as he to it, and it responded in an entirely unforeseen way when reunited with its wielder’s first great foe: Chillreaver- it took on properties baneful to dragonkind. The sword is also the single longest-owned item among the Champions; other heroes tend to discard their armaments upon finding newer, more powerful versions.

The Bitter Glass

A thirty-foot-wide sphere of midnight blue glass, created by Auglos the Wise, founder of the city that would become Sayre. Once attuned to small mirrors known as spyglasses, it could allow a small network of individuals instant, reliable communication with each other from anywhere in the cosmos. The original device was destroyed when Auger was razed, but after stealing Geppetto’s notes and robbing the original sketches from Nefelus, the githyanki were able to repair it. Telicanthus watched over the glass while Zetch’r’r’s spies used it to great effect on the scattered denizens of the Vale, yet to unite under the Platinum banner. Mr. Paradox, Keyleth Starfletcher, and Lucas managed to destroy it once more, and its remains lay buried under Sayre, watched over by the githzerai.

The Seed of Winter

A relic from the Feywild, probably originating from the magic of the Winter Court. The Seed was first encountered by the Champions while it was in the possession of Chillreaver, who amplified it with Nefelese scrying mirrors in an attempt to create an artificial winter that would bring the tropical island nation to its knees. After one failed attempt, it was finally wrested from the dragon’s grasp. It talks in an icy female voice, and looks down upon its new owners. It was watched over by Thoradin Ironfell for a short period of time while he could discern the motives and nature of Legion. In the end, Thoradin recognized the Seed’s desire to have it’s power used, and Legion’s desire to use it. Only time will tell if Thoradin’s decision was correct.

It has now passed out of Legion’s possession and returned to Inzira, it’s rightful owner. While in his grasp, Legion was briefly bestowed with the full breadth of the artifacts powers – marking him as the first hero to master such ancient magic.

The Sacrifice

A githyanki war vessel obtained by the Coalition as a result of the githyanki assault on Akma’ad in Chapter 8: Haven of the Bitter Glass. It is equipped with a psychic helm that eliminates the need for a crew – just one mentally capable pilot at the wheel can control the sails and rudders of the entire vessel.

It is fully capable of flight, although its bulk makes for difficult turning, and it must remain upright at all times for the safety of its passengers. It has two masts, but neither is equipped with a crow’s nest. Crenelations surround the top deck – these provide cover, as well as convenient rails for those who might otherwise be swept overboard during combat. Four mounted ballistas face the cardinal directions, but each requires two crewman to fire consistently; one crewman reloads while the other aims and fires. A 25-foot ramming spike adorns the front of the ship, but using it against vessels of comparable size is ill-advised.

Belowdecks, the ship has 6 hammocks for crewman, 5 private cabins (though cramped), two spacious quarters for the captain and first officer, a galley, a small dining area, a cargo hold (with two smaller storage areas for food, spare lumber, and ballista ammunition), and a brig.

Whitefire Marks

The githyanki have developed many magical wards designed to hedge out all those who are not of their blood. These wards allow them to keep their most sacred or strategic places solely in their control – and few places are more important to them than the Well of Worlds, the nexus of all githyanki planar travel.

But Vlaakith’s children are not above using slaves or mercenaries to fight their battles for them, and sometimes, the temptation to save on soldiers by sending a few powerful non-githyanki through the Well is just too much to resist. For this reason, they developed a magical tattoo known as a Whitefire mark. It resembles a stylized design of a githyanki silver sword wreathed in ivory flames, and whatever creatures bear it are recognized as pure githyanki by any their wards or enchantments. These marks are hardly the rivals of artifacts, but the magic in them is rare enough and important enough to note here.

Bejam realized the importance of these tattoos immediately in Chapter 11, and applied them to Jett, Erdanen, Bugug, and Komè (and later, to a hundred different Coalition soldiers). Upon applying it to Jett, however, a strange thing happened. His mark flared up with a white-hot flame, and when it died, he felt the presence in his sword grow closer to him. Now that he was magically branded a githyanki, the power in the githyanki-forged weapon became easier to wield.

The Deluvian Hourglass

A roughly-shaped hourglass, festooned with jewels that glow with inner elemental light. Its metal parts are dull silver, but they shift as if they were mercury. Inside the hourglass is a small mound of black sand. It seems capable of augmenting Blank’s attacks just as any magical orb would, and it has a strange hold over the flow of time. Its powers seem to derive from the primordial sand within it, which it has replenished on one occasion by reducing the body of a barbed devil into an ounce of its strange fuel.

Blank received the Hourglass as payment for assassinating Trethix for Scramandar in Chapter 12.

The Sword of Kas

A blade crafted by Vecna himself at the
height of his power in unlife. Believing that his empire
was growing too vast to manage alone, he chose one of
his faithful, Kas, to serve as his right hand. The Sword was
to be Kas’s symbol of office, but Vecna made it too well.
Its power gave Kas the chance he needed to betray his master at a crucial moment, for he hoped to become a god in Vecna’s stead. The
ensuing battle cost the lich his left hand and eye, though he emerged victorious and cast the traitorous vampire into Monadhan where he was separated from the blade. After betraying “The Betrayer,”in The Lower Caverns Erdanen claimed the sword as his trophy, but, the longer he use it, the more hostile his personality got. He almost killed his best friend Jett because of it. Fortunately the other champions managed to seal it in a Solace Bole in Chapter 15 where nobody, not even Erdanen, could find it.

The Arrow of Fate

When Erek-Hus, the King of Terror, cleaved mighty Io in two, not every piece of his corpse transformed into the dragon gods that reign today. Some say that his blood rained onto the earth and made the dragonborn, but all that is certain is that at least one tiny splinter of bone remained behind. Someone reclaimed it after the battle, and it was viciously fought over for the remainder of the Dawn War, for it held power over life and death, and made short work of elemental and immortal alike. This mighty weapon came to be known as the Arrow of Fate.

Now, it is all that remains as hope for Bahamut’s wayward followers; Amyria has tasked the Champions with finding it, though they will have to tear through heaven itself to earn it.


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