Tag: Coalition


  • Bejam

    A member of the deva Thraxinium, one of the seven leaders of magocratic Nefelus. He turned to the Coalition and its agents for help against Chillreaver and the Seed of Winter.


    The last of the three [[Githzerai | githzerai]] elders to travel to the mortal realm, Odos now leads the remnants of the monastic orders that assembled at the fortress of Akma'ad. Though originally he was against leading his people into a costly war …

  • Inogo Dravitch

    A cardinal of a distant theocratic city called Sherrbyr. Inogo represents the interests of his home on the Coalition's council, though he is a cautious leader at best. He always wishes to proceed slowly, attempting to placate naysayers before enacting any …

  • Quelenna Entromiel

    One of the founding Coalition members, Quelenna hails from a settlement called Dornaithos. Her political style is very competitive, but some thought her zeal may be just what the alliance needed to sound the call for action. After the death of

  • Caliandra

    Caliandra is seen as a wise, respected grandmother by all her people, especially her own tribe, the Stagrunners. Though the northern barbarians lack the rigorous systems of leadership common to most cities of the world, she is their de facto leader, and …

  • Eoffram Troyas

    The Coalition's newest member, and representative of the Elsir Vale. His political strategies are underhanded, and he has an overly romantic view of the war - he aggrandizes every skirmish as a climactic battle against evil, and seems to have no concept …