The Coalition's War

Chapter 1: Rescue at Rivenroar
The story begins in a town called Brindol

In a humble little tavern known as the Antler and Thistle, three warriors shared a table and their tales of battle. Their names were Radir Vazulam, a proud warrior from the Feywild; Bahrash Warsteel, a zealous paladin of Bahamut; and Shiv, a ruthless rogue with ties to the Shadowfell. They made an unlikely trio, but for the moment at least, they enjoyed each others’ company.

In the middle of their meal, a group of hobgoblin grunts bearing swords and shields burst through the front door, shouting, “For ”/campaigns/coalition/characters/65556" class=“wiki-content-link”>Sinruth! For the Hand!" Radir shouted a war cry, and Bahrash charged forth while Shiv slunk around behind. So began the first few steps on the road to war.

The three handily defeated the hobgoblins, as well as an ogre outside pulling a wagon filled with alchemical explosives. For their valor, they were summoned to the home of city councilman, Eoffram Troyas. He wished to thank them for saving the village of Brindol, but he found himself unable to look Shiv in the eye after realizing the dragonborn had crawled down his chimney rather than walk through the front door with his two friends. Reluctantly, Troyas asked them if they were interested in a job: seven people had been kidnapped in the raid they’d fought off, and he would reward anyone with the skills and bravery necessary to see them home safely while punishing the hobgoblins in the process. They fought under the sign of the Red Hand, but they were just a imitating a much larger force from the town’s history that had been wholly destroyed years ago.

Shiv was unimpressed by the deal, and decided that robbing his would-be allies that night would be much more profitable. Bressal Steelhoof, a wandering mercenary minotaur, caught him in the act. Despising the rogue’s lack of honor, he attacked on the spot, rousing Radir and Bahrash in the process. In the end, Bressal took Shiv’s place, and the three began to call themselves The Triage.

Together, they descended into the Rivenroar family crypts and rescued six of the seven hostages and reclaimed several relics that the raiders had seized from Brindol’s Hall of Great Valor, a museum dedicated to the heroes who protected the town from the Red Hand of Doom ten years ago. They also managed to defeat their leader, a hobgoblin named Sinruth, in a battle so impressive that Bressal found his armor blessed by Kord – it had taken the form of a relic known as the Invulnerable Coat of Arnd. Troyas praised them for their efforts, and rewarded them fairly. In addition, Bressal had managed to half-tame a rage drake that he named “”/campaign/coalition/wikis/pets" class=“wiki-page-link”> Fluffy."

Among the relics they’d recovered was an ornate platinum longsword. Clearly crafted for ceremonial purposes, it didn’t look like it would hold together if used in battle. Radir could sense no magic within it, but he could not have realized it held something much more important, as would become apparent in Chapter 5: Den of the Destroyer.

Victory belonged to the Triage, but their journey was not done. On the body of Sinruth, they found a note from a mysterious individual calling himself “The Emissary.” In it, he promised Sinruth glory and plunder if he took the initiative to resurrect the Red Hand use it to terrorize the Elsir Vale. Who was this person, and what would they stand to gain from encouraging this warband to raze Brindol?


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