"Embrace your inner darkness, and keep secrets for your own advantage."


Also known as the Maimed God and the Lord of the Spider Throne, Vecna is the evil god of undeath, necromancy, and secrets. His ambition knows no bounds, and he commands his followers to do all they can so he may someday rule the world. This malign agenda does not earn him many friends among his fellow deities, but Vecna seems content to scheme alone in hidden redoubts, hoarding knowledge for himself and learning secrets no man could bear. He is not an original member of the pantheon – he was mortal once, and ascended to godhood through a hideous apotheosis. His transformation was incomplete, however, for just before he assumed the mantle of divinity, his left hand and left eye were cut away by the traitorous Kas.

He is the antithesis of Ioun, whose clerics oppose his servants’ efforts at every turn. His creations have been seen in increasing numbers the farther the Champions press into the Shadowfell, including an aspect! Vecna learns everything that his aspect learns during its existence, and it seemed very keen on quizzing the Champions about their allies, goals, and methods. This does little to explain what the god is currently up to in the battle between Bahamut and Tiamat, but whatever it is, it can’t be good…


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