Divian Torrance

The stubborn, yet clever former governor of Sayre.


Erdanen doesn’t talk much about his father, so all that is known about him is generally public knowledge.

Divian was a driven politician, who came from a wealthy background. He had only been governor for a few years, but gained immense popularity for his tireless efforts in keeping Sayre safe and prosperous. His covetousness didn’t earn him many sincere friends, but since the well-being of the city is a byproduct of his forgivable vices, he is well-liked by most.

He was not only the Platinum Shield Coalition’s representative of Sayre, but also its elected leader. This is a testament to his political ability, for despite his city’s lack of both military prowess and financial reserves, he was almost unanimously entrusted to oversee the coordination of several nations.

Chillreaver, after his defeat at Icehome in Chapter 9, returned seeking vengeance against the Coalition. In one swoop, he devoured Lord Torrance, and afterwards the Coalition was led by Amyria. More recently, his son Erdanen has claimed the title through an official election.

Divian Torrance

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