"Live nobly, serve humbly, and pledge your life to save what matters most."


The god of justice, nobility, and protection, Bahamut is the patron of metallic dragons. The symbols and illustrations created by his followers always depict him as a huge, regal-looking dragon with scales made of purest platinum. He commands his followers to uphold the highest ideals of honor, oppose evil, and defend the weak. He is a common patron of paladins, Amyria included.

The Coalition has discovered that Bahamut’s sister and nemesis, Tiamat, was behind the entire githyanki incursion. It is only fitting then, that the defense of the Mortal World has been left to a group naming themselves The Platinum Shield Coalition. Still, if he is involved in the struggle against Tiamat, his presence is hardly felt, and unlike his sister, his exarch and servants are mysteriously absent.


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