A ritualist of immense power who defected from Vecna to join Tiamat.


Onthorirfel used to work for the Lord of the Spider Throne, but has since joined with Tiamat. While his strength in combat remains largely unknown, rumors of ritual craft are unparalleled, even by Bejam. He makes his lair in a demiplane known as Vaerothim, an echo of the domain of dread, Monadhan. The lich is served by Mornujhar, Tiamat’s black exarch.

In Chapter 7, it was discovered that the vile Sarshan was working with a ritualist named Onthorirfel. This ritualist had sent several agents into the shadar-kai’s employ, including a terrible Skull Lord, who oversaw the destruction of the village of Talar. This destruction was thanks to a system of portals that spewed blood chaos onto the town, transporting it from Sarshan’s hideout on the Sea of Fire in the Elemental Chaos. If this is true, then the lich has had a hand in Tiamat’s plots since the very beginning, and anyone so obviously important and worthy of secrecy in the goddess’ eyes should not be taken lightly.


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