"Be loyal to kin, never give up, and leave a legacy in stone and metal."


Patron of dwarves and god of creation, Moradin is also the guardian of the hearth and family. He carved the mountains from the chaotic rock formations that composed the world after its creation, and personally fought against and sealed a number of greater Primordials, the mightiest of which was Mual-Tar, the Thunder Serpent.

In Chapter 6: the Temple Between, the Death Mockers plumbed the depths of what was once his greatest shrine: the Mountainroot Temple. To enter, they had to tell a tale that embodied the teachings of the Forgemaster, and the guardian seemed pleased at the result. Though neither Moradin nor his angels ever appeared to them, they were able to aid the Caretaker, an azer that had been watching over the ruin ever since its abandonment. They helped him perform a ritual to rededicate the temple to its patron, and with Moradin’s blessing they went on to defeat Zithiruun’s army of mercenaries at the gates of Overlook.


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