"Coward! Don't fight for conquest or destruction; just fight for glory!"


God of strength and storm, the mighty Kord is the patron of fighters and athletes. Unpredictable, he summons tempests over the land and sea, and those who wish to gain his favor invoke his name in hearty toasts or pitched battles. Unlike Gruumsh, he does not promote violence for pointless destruction, and he cares not for conquest like Bane. He advocates fighting for glory’s sake, testing your might against worthy opponents while shunning the weak and cowardly.

Kord is a favorite among the heroes of the Coalition’s War, including Jett the Incinerator, Zan-kyri, Radir Vazulam, and (formerly) Bressal Steelhoof. To the latter, he bestowed the Invulnerable Coat of Arnd, but the artifact did not save his favorite minotaur from an unfortunate fate. More recently, his angel, Rachaela, was responsible for leading the Champions to Monadhan. He also bestowed a boon of mighty strength to Jett after he defeated Arantor, struck a blow against Kas the Betrayer, and went on to charge into Vaerothim, all without resting.


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