Keyleth Starfletcher

An elvish archer with a past shrouded in bloodshed, deceit, love, and unnatural abberations.


Although her defensive potential is not her strong-suit, mitigating is her best defense, and sometime her best offense. By setting herself in a position warriors and barbarians see as a weakness, she gracefully dodges out of harm’s way and peppers the enemies with more arrows than their bodies can endure.


Keyleth Starfletcher’s past is shrouded in mystery, but the Coalition has gathered that she has lost a great love in her past, and that she acted as her village’s primary hunter and lead defender in times of war and other circumstances. The name of her love, or her village for that matter, has yet to be uncovered, as well as just how old Keyleth truly. Could her secrets catch up to the party at an untimely point in their quest, or is it because she feels she’s protecting the group by withholding this knowledge from the easy-to-trust group?

Keyleth Starfletcher

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