Kada’ne is the admiral of the githyanki fleet, commander of all their astral vessels. He is a brilliant tactician, but a poor leader. His men often insult him for his cowardly tendencies to lead an assault from the safest place on the battlefield, rather than risk his own hide. Still, he has triumphed many times in skirmishes against Coalition forces, and there are few that Zetch’r’r trusts more closely.

Kada’ne holds one of the three remaining crystal keys that can grant one full access to the Well of Worlds, which has made him the target of Amyria’s latest endeavor. He personally commands the vessel known as Cev’ren, currently docked at Garaitha’s Anvil.

During Amyria’s raid on the githyanki shipyard, Kada’ne was defeated, and his crystal key secured.


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