"Perfect your mind through the pursuits of knowledge and balance."


God of knowledge, skill, and prophecy, Ioun is the patron of the study of arcane magic. She commands her followers to seek enlightenment through developing their senses of logic and observation, tempering it with emotion. Unlike her rival, Vecna, she advocates the universal sharing of knowledge, so that mortalkind might unlock greater truths through collaboration. Her temples are vast repositories of information both practical and esoteric – quite often a city’s library and temple to Ioun are the same building.

Saint Komè was blessed by Ioun for preserving an important githyanki library, and received his title from one of her angels after the end of the war. Aside from this act, she has had no visible hand in the dragon siblings’ affairs of late. This is to be expected of her, though, as in the battle between good and evil, she has always been careful not to show too much favor to either cause. She abhors war, for it often results in the destruction of a culture’s knowledge.


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