Ionen, Io Reborn

His goal is nothing less than to reclaim his namesake's throne.


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Ionen, level 22
Dragonborn, Sorcerer, Ninefold Master, Avatar of Io
Spell Source: Dragon Magic
Dragon Soul: Dragon Soul Fire
Versatile Expertise: Versatile Expertise (Axe)
Versatile Expertise: Versatile Expertise (Rod)
Arcane Implement Proficiency: Arcane Implement Proficiency (Rod)
Draconic Resistance: Draconic Resistance Cold
Dragon Breath Key Ability: Dragon Breath Strength
Dragon Breath Damage Type: Dragon Breath Fire
Adaptable Breath: Dragon Breath Cold
Trusted Spellcasting: Dragon Aura
Background: Trained from Birth for a Specific Prophecy (Trained from Birth for a Specific Prophecy Benefit)

Str 22, Con 17, Dex 16, Int 12, Wis 10, Cha 26.

Str 14, Con 13, Dex 14, Int 10, Wis 8, Cha 16.

AC: 35 Fort: 32 Reflex: 30 Will: 36
HP: 134 Surges: 9 Surge Value: 36

Arcana +17, Endurance +19, History +19, Intimidate +31

Acrobatics +14, Bluff +19, Diplomacy +24, Dungeoneering +11, Heal +11, Insight +11, Nature +11, Perception +11, Religion +12, Stealth +14, Streetwise +19, Thievery +14, Athletics +17

Level 1: Draconic Spellcaster
Level 2: Versatile Expertise
Level 4: Arcane Implement Proficiency
Level 6: Bolstering Breath
Level 8: Adaptable Breath
Level 10: Hurl Breath
Level 11: Empowered Dragon Breath
Level 12: Enlarged Dragon Breath (retrained to Weapon Proficiency (Waraxe) at Level 21)
Level 14: Superior Implement Training (Accurate rod)
Level 16: Ancient Soul
Level 18: Arcane Reach
Level 20: War Wizardry
Level 21: Trusted Spellcasting
Level 22: Armor Proficiency (Leather)

Sorcerer at-will 1: Burning Spray
Sorcerer at-will 1: Dragonfrost
Sorcerer encounter 1: Tearing Claws
Sorcerer daily 1: Dragonfang Bolt
Sorcerer utility 2: Legend Lore
Sorcerer encounter 3: Poisonous Exhalation
Sorcerer daily 5: Thunder Leap
Sorcerer utility 6: Arcane Empowerment (retrained to Subtlety of the Green Wyrm at Level 22)
Sorcerer encounter 7: Blazing Bolts
Sorcerer daily 9: Season’s Malaise
Sorcerer utility 10: Fog Form
Sorcerer encounter 13: Primordial Storm (replaces Tearing Claws)
Sorcerer daily 15: Prismatic Lightning (replaces Season’s Malaise)
Sorcerer utility 16: Breath of the Desert Dragon
Sorcerer encounter 17: Azure Talons (replaces Blazing Bolts)
Sorcerer daily 19: Aspect of the Dragon (replaces Dragonfang Bolt)
Sorcerer utility 22: Platinum Scales

Robe of Defying Storms Feyweave Armor +4, Standard of the Silver Dragon (paragon tier), Bracers of the Perfect Shot (heroic tier), Feyleaf Sandals (heroic tier), Circlet of Arkhosia (paragon tier), Gauntlets of Brilliance (heroic tier), Bag of Holding (heroic tier), Skeleton Key (heroic tier), Tent, Waterskin (5), Bedroll, Dragon Sorcery Tattoo (heroic tier), Silk Rope (50 ft.) (2), Journeybreads (200), Climber’s Kit, Polyglot Gem (heroic tier), Arkhosian Scepter Accurate rod +5, Residuum (Any) (10000), Amulet of Protection +5, Elemental Prism (paragon tier), Silver Sky Tabard (paragon tier), Waraxe of the Conqueror +4, Ring of the Dragonborn Emperor (paragon tier), Dawn Warrior Anathema Armor +5, Potion of Vitality (paragon tier)
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You wish to know of the Prophecy? I don’t volunteer the details, since there are always fools who seem to think that any prophecy is something to be prevented. But I will tell you that I am Io reborn. What? Why isn’t that to much information? Well the only way that tells you how to disrupt the Prophecy is to kill me, and that’s obviously impossible. How do I know I am Io? You sure ask a lot of stupid questions. My clan has known for centuries that Io’s essence would be reborn in me, even the date of my rebirth and the name I was to be given. If that somehow isn’t proof enough for you, watch me when I work my magic. You can see it in the way I bend it to do things others cannot, like how a burst of thunder 20 feet away can propel me in any direction, or the myriad ways I can alter my Dragon’s Breath. Only the true God of Magic could possess such control and exercise it without even a thought. What? Well of course I don’t need to think about it, do you need to think about holding your breath or raising your arm? Of course not, and just as your body can interpret the soul’s wishes without even involving your mind, so does magic obey my whims before I am fully aware of them.

The only other fact I will tell you regarding the Prophecy is that its culmination will require Bahamut, Ioun and Tiamat, which is safe since I doubt you could do anything about them. How is Ioun involved? First, she is a goddess of magic, which was originally the sole domain of Io. Second, look at her name, clearly she took on this appellation after Io’s defeat, as a sly thanks to the one whose domain she stole!

But enough about old grudges, as for what I am doing here, from my vantage point this little “war” with the githyanki is obviously just another skirmish in the ancient fight between Bahamut and Tiamat. I was quite happy with the status quo, and I intend to make sure that this foolishness ends before either one of them can actually hurt the other.

Ionen, Io Reborn

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