"Obey the rule of law. Work together to make your cities into empires."


Civilization is Erathis’ all-encompassing sphere of influence, and she is called patron by rulers, judges, and patriots. She commands her followers to band together and build vast empires to whatever ends they deem worthy. Using teamwork to find new ideas, inventions, and frontiers, she believes that mortalkind can tame the savage world around them and create their own utopias. Her followers understand that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, and rarely act out of concert with their fellows.

Ea of Sherrbyr never strayed from her goddess’ teachings, hoping that the Coalition’s alliance would someday lead to a worldwide empire where everyone could live in harmony. She claimed to be a member of an order dedicated to protecting a series of seals of great importance to Erathis, but she never spoke much of it while she was alive.


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