Former ally of Ionen, and an enforcer of Tiamat.


A bluespawn godslayer, Donaar was tasked with leading a chorus of Tiamat’s angels to Tu’narath to capture Bram Ironfell and slay the Separatists he’d made contact with. Before that, he had long been stationed in the city to serve as one of her enforcers, making sure that Zetch’r’r followed her whims, and the githyanki under him remained bent to his service.

Ionen worked alongside him for some time, until he saw his chance to weaken the advantage Tiamat had gained over Bahamut by allying himself with the Platinum Shield Coalition. Donaar became furious and charged the traitor with weapon drawn, but without his allies he proved himself incapable of defeating the Champions. The magnanimous Ionen allowed him to live, but Donaar wouldn’t stay gone for long.

He must have guessed Ionen and his new allies would continue to oppose Tiamat, and so he arranged to be on patrol near one of his patron’s valuable assets – Onthorirfel. Sure enough, he got his chance for revenge, but he scarcely managed better than he did in the first battle. This time, Ionen killed him, but with his dying breath, Donaar swore they hadn’t heard the last from him…


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