"Covet wealth. If others cannot defend theirs, it belongs to you."


Tiamat is the evil god of wealth, greed, and envy; she is the patron of chromatic dragons. She commands her followers to acquire much and spend little, to leave no slight unpunished, and to take what they want from others. She is often depicted as a hydra-like dragon with heads of blue, green, black, white, and red. Othertimes, she is said to appear in humanoid form, as a raven-haired woman of exquisite beauty.

The Chromatic Dragon’s involvement in the Coalition’s War was revealed by a sect of githyanki separatists rescued from the Fane of Chaniir in Chapter 11. They claimed that Zetch’r’r was only a puppet on the throne, and Tiamat was the true mastermind behind the assault on the Mortal World. They also said the War was furthering a plot of hers to triumph over her brother, Bahamut.

Though unbelievable, the presence of her three exarchs – Chillreaver Virizan, and Vraxanault – in places of power beneficial to the ongoing campaign against the world made this fantastic story terribly plausible. Though her green and white exarchs have been destroyed, the other three still live – and the identity of the blue exarch remains a total mystery. Even with the end of the War via the surrender of the githyanki, her scheming seems to continue. What could she possibly have left to threaten her brother?


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