Bressal Steelhoof

Jett felt the magic and life from the ring he was gifted by Bressal fade. Yet, Jett knew in his fiery soul his loss of life would not soothe the soul of Bressal's lust for battle.


Bressal’s story started simply enough, as a warrior for hire. Then something awakened his calling: his first duel in the gladiatorial games. He led a comfortable life of wealth and freedom in the arena, unlike all of the other slave-born or captured fighters. But the attack of an ice dragon during Bressal’s match with Jett, his closest ally, set things into motion that are beyond his understanding.

He was separated from Jett, and left the ruined city to found a small mercenary company named the Triage. He and his companions enjoyed much success in their adventuring, until running afoul of a shadar-kai weapons dealer named Sarshan. In his redoubt in the Shadowfell, one of Sarshan’s most powerful minions dispatched Bressal and his friends quite easily, even though Bressal wore the famed Coat of Arnd.

Much later, Bressal awoke, brought back to life in the body of a revenant. He seemed to have been purposefully brought back in a place where he could team up with his old ally, Jett. Bressal did his part to save the city of Overlook from Zithiruun, and was one of the founding Platinum Champions.

After someone in his care was assassinated, Bressal’s undead body filled with grief. He left Sayre without notifying anyone in the Coalition. Though his motives for riding off into the horizon on Statchel, his manticore mount, remain unknown. It’s been speculated by Komé that he may be off to find a way to regain his old body. Komé went so far as to search Bressal’s room in the inn to find clues to Bressal’s motives, finding books on necromancy, undeath, healing magic, and fell blood magic.

Bressal did, in fact, set out to find his old body. His journey was long, and his resolve was tested. His journey lead him to a place called Mistwatch, a haven and metropolis of Minotaurs. There he learned exotic and forgotten fighting styles and training exercises. Bressal became a member of their daily lives, until Mistwatch was attacked, and Bressal fell in battle, in the frontlines of course. His soul hung in limbo searching for a worthy battle for only a brief moment…

While his soul was in limbo, Much deliberating and bargaining took place with the Raven Queen took place for the relinquishment of Bressal’s soul by none other than Kord. Despite Bressal’s brief turn of allegiances to Kord’s tyrannical brother Bane, Kord accepts this as another of Bane’s lesser plans for a greater war. Kord recognizes the eternal struggle for a beautiful battle in Bressal’s very soul, and admires the reminiscent feeling it brings about, reminding him of his very own eternal thirst for battle and struggle. Bressal never strayed from Kord’s tenants, so forgiving him came easy. After much deliberationg and bargaining that not even Venca is privy to, Bressal’s soul was granted a new body; one more resilient and suited for battle; a gold-sheened body of a warforged; with a stamp of Kord on his forehead rather than a typical mage’s stamp. This leads some to believe his body was made by Kord himself, though none can fathom why. For now, though, Bressal has returned to Sayre. He is there to help the Coalition restore justice in the world, so that wars won’t be fought for wonton destruction or for the cowardly ends of spineless rulers. Bressal is mobilized to all major efforts on behalf of the Coalition, remaining ever-vigilant for a sign from Kord, or a call to a perfect battle.

Bressal Steelhoof

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