Bram Ironfell

Patriarch of the dwarven Ironfell clan, and a prominent figure of the Elsir Consortium in Overlook.


Wealthy and influential, he enticed the Death Mockers to do a job for him—namely, recover a precious mine lost to his clan for generations. After the successful re-opening of the mine, he left Overlook on a business trip.

Thoradin Ironfell finally ran into his uncle in Cachlain’s court, where he confessed to aiding the enemy in their attacks against Overlook and the Coalition. After having his life saved by his nephew during an attack by Sangwyr’s forces, Bram has vowed to atone for his betrayal in any way he can.

This promise led him to volunteer to travel to Tu’narath alone, hoping to use his previous contacts to move through the githyanki capital without suspicion and contact the Separatist factions with the intent to have them formally ally themselves with the Coalition. Tiamat discovered his treachery, however, and the dwarf was put to death.

His betrayal, however, sent him body and soul into Monadhan at the moment of his demise. There, he was slain a second time, possibly by the vampiric underlings of Kas, the Betrayer. Miraculously, his remains were discovered by the heroes, who intend to return him to life upon their return to Sayre.

Bram Ironfell

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