Blank the Many

A fractured persona, she wrestles to keep her darker half in check.


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Blank, the Many, level 22
Tiefling, Psion, Dreamwalker, Planeshaper
Discipline Focus: Telekinesis Focus
Versatile Expertise: Versatile Expertise (Heavy Blade)
Versatile Expertise: Versatile Expertise (Orb)
Background: Seducer (Seducer Benefit)

Str 10, Con 12, Dex 12, Int 27, Wis 19, Cha 19.

Str 8, Con 10, Dex 10, Int 17, Wis 15, Cha 13.

AC: 36 Fort: 27 Reflex: 34 Will: 32
HP: 123 Surges: 7 Surge Value: 30

Bluff +29, Perception +20, Arcana +24, Insight +26

Acrobatics +12, Diplomacy +18, Dungeoneering +15, Endurance +12, Heal +15, History +19, Intimidate +15, Nature +15, Religion +19, Stealth +14, Streetwise +15, Thievery +12, Athletics +11

Psion: Ritual Caster
Level 1: Discipline Adept
Level 2: Controlling Advantage
Level 4: Melee Training (Intelligence)
Level 6: Superior Implement Training (Petrified orb)
Level 8: Unarmored Agility
Level 10: Toughness
Level 11: Predictive Defense
Level 12: Overwhelming Critical
Level 14: Inescapable Force
Level 16: Great Fortitude (retrained to Skill Focus (Bluff) at Level 20)
Level 18: Versatile Expertise
Level 20: Orbiting Object
Level 21: Vexing Flanker
Level 22: Diabolic Soul

Psion at-will 1: Mind Thrust
Psion at-will 1: Dishearten
Psion daily 1: Telekinetic Anchor
Psion utility 2: Telekinetic Lift
Psion at-will 3: Betrayal
Psion daily 5: Telekinetic Maul
Psion utility 6: Guided Shot
Psion at-will 7: Dread Spiral (replaces Dishearten)
Psion daily 9: Clear the Slate
Psion utility 10: Mind over Flesh
Psion at-will 13: Concussion Burst (replaces Mind Thrust)
Psion daily 15: Imprison (replaces Telekinetic Maul)
Psion utility 16: Insightful Warning
Psion at-will 17: Forced Opportunity (replaces Dread Spiral)
Psion daily 19: Shred Reality (replaces Telekinetic Anchor)
Psion utility 22: Through the Walls

Gem of Colloquy (paragon tier), Hedge Wizard’s Gloves (heroic tier), The Deluvian Hourglass, Shadowdance Feyweave Armor +4, Mage’s Fullblade +4, Petrified orb of Nimble Thoughts +4, Medallion of the Mind +5
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In Chapter 12, A Tyranny of Souls, the Champions were tasked with negotiating an alliance with the githyanki separatists at a neutral meeting ground called the Citadel Mercane. The Citadel, a large trading post set inside a hunk of rock floating in the Astral Sea, was very foreign ground for mortals, but Amyria was fortunate in finding a guide for her chosen diplomats.

Blank was employed by a cambion named Scaramandar, a figure of some prominence in the Citadel. Upon hearing that such an important meeting was taking place in his own home, he wished to extend them his hospitality, perhaps hoping to ingratiate the Coalition enough to sign an exclusive trade agreement.

Scaramandar chose Blank for her pleasant demeanor and her psionic skill, which could surely see the Coalition representatives through the often-dangerous environment of Blood Mountain. In addition to her focus on telekinesis, she also has the ability to summon a dream form, a quasi-real duplicate that resembles herself in every way.

Birth of the Dark Half

Blank’s childhood was far from normal. Her parents, not entirely sane and devout worshippers of Asmodeus, zealously believed their family directly descended from the last emperor of Bael Turath. For some reason, perhaps a dream, a celestial event, or simply fervent wishful thinking, they believed their newborn child blessed, and destined to rebuild the ancient Tiefling empire. They raised her with such purpose for her first few years, teaching her all the pleasantries and niceties required of an empress, spoiling her like the princess they believed her to be. However, as she aged, their daughter showed no signs of aptitude with any arcane or martial ability. She could not coax the simplest arcane energies out of a spell; she was both weak and clumsy with any weapon she could manage to lift. How could such an inept and powerless child come to rebuild the greatest empire ever known?

Quite simply, they believed, she could not. Infuriated with their daughter, they renamed her Blank, for she was without any defining characteristics. They stopped pampering her, and instead abused the girl, her father beating her in retribution for crushing their ambitions. As his blows rained down on her, Blank clamped her eyes as tightly closed as she could, wished as hard as she could that she could be somewhere else, and endured his fury.
As months passed, Blank underwent two monumental changes that would shape her future. Firstly, the danger she found herself in unlocked her latent psionic power. Uncontrolled and undirected as it was, however, it initially did little besides throw an occasional object from the shelves. Perhaps more importantly, it caused her to dissociate- all her anger, malice, and hate was lost to her, becoming instead the domains of a second consciousness. As her psionic power grew, this consciousness came to manifest as a hazy image of herself, barely visible, that would appear nearby whenever she would otherwise have experienced these emotions. This alternate Blank hated her parents for what they put her through, and hated herself for allowing it to happen.

When her parents would beat her, she would simply curl into a ball and cry, not understanding what they did, nor why they did it. She did not hate them and was not angry for it; she believed that perhaps this was simply further conditioning for her destiny as an empress. The alternate Blank, however, would watch intently. She determined that she needed to be stronger for them to survive, and decided to take the reins of their fate by force. When Blank fell asleep, she would use the opportunity to take control, rising to the dominant consciousness and manifesting herself out of sight, honing their psionic skill. As Blank slept, she had odd dreams of playing on the rooftop, of making things fly. As she slept, the other Blank formulated a plan for her freedom.

Blank distinctly remembers the day she finally left home. However, its most notable events occurred before she woke. Now capable of manifesting to almost perfect physical form, the alternate Blank took her place in her morning routine, making sure that she did not wake and weaken the alternate’s physical presence. It did not take long for her to draw the ire of their parents.

As their father raised his fist toward her for her usual beating, their mother glaring at her in obvious disgust, she grinned and whispered, “Mommy, look what I can do.” Their mother’s eyes widened and filled with terror as her husband turned toward her, eyes glazed over, and brought his hand down on the woman. Over and over he beat her, until the last vestiges of life fled her battered corpse. As their father’s mind cleared, he dropped to his knees with a wail, cradling the mangled body of the woman he loved, realizing what he had done. He turned on his daughter just in time to see her small fist clench, as psionic force crumpled his skull like discarded parchment.

Blank the Many

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