"You're free! Take risks, walk the world, and never fear change."


God of change, freedom, and luck, Avandra is the patron of adventurers. Even adventurers who aren’t typically religious often find themselves giving thanks to her, for it is often uncommonly good luck which sees them through yet another day. She is also often worshiped by merchants and halflings in her roadside shrines throughout the world, as well as by people who simply love travel as she does. Avandra is one of the few deities without a home dominion – she prefers to walk the world too much to stay in one place for long.

Avandra’s only prominent follower in the War has been Sir Erdanen Torrance. After he was granted knighthood by Amyria, he began to more religiously follow her teachings, becoming a paladin in her service. By freeing the githyanki from their unwanted Emperor, he earned her blessing: the Boon of Escape.


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