Haryssus Level 18 Skirmisher

Large fey humanoid (giant) Initiative +12 Senses Perception +20; low-light vision HP 171; Bloodied 85 AC 32; Fortitude 29, Reflex 31, Will 33 Resist 10 force Saving Throws +5 against charm effects Speed 8, teleport 6 m Eldritch Blade (standard; at-will) ✦ Force, Weapon Reach 2; +21 vs. Reflex; 3d6 + 7 force damage. r Force Missile (standard; at-will) ✦ Force Ranged 20; +21 vs. Reflex; 2d6 + 7 force damage. C Sweeping Sword (standard; encounter) ✦ Force, Weapon Close blast 2; +21 vs. AC; 3d6 + 7 force damage, and the target is knocked prone. Special: When charging, the eldritch giant can use this power in place of a melee basic attack. Consume Magic (minor 1/round; at-will) Targets an adjacent conjuration or zone created by an enemy; +21 vs. the Will of the creator of the conjuration or zone; the conjuration or zone is destroyed, and its effects end. The eldritch giant’s attacks deal 3d6 extra force damage until the end of its next turn. Eldritch Field (minor; recharge ⚄ ⚅) ✦ Zone Close blast 5; the blast creates a zone of rippling magic that lasts until the end of the encounter or until the eldritch giant uses this power again. The zone is difficult terrain, and the giant’s attacks deal 1d6 extra force damage against creatures within the zone. Alignment Evil Languages Elven, Giant Skills Arcana +21, Insight +20 Str 21 (+14) Dex 12 (+10) Wis 22 (+15) Con 19 (+13) Int 24 (+16) Cha 13 (+10)



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