Telicanthus Level 16 Elite Controller (Leader)

Medium natural humanoid, githyanki XP 2,800 Initiative +13 Senses Perception +11 Deathless Fanaticism aura 5; when a lower-level ally within the aura is reduced to 0 hit points, it dies if damaged again or at the end of its next turn—whichever comes first. HP 308; Bloodied 154 AC 30; Fortitude 27, Reflex 28, Will 30 Saving Throws +2; +4 against charm and fear effects Speed 6, fly 6 (clumsy) Action Points 1 m/r Mindhammer (standard; at-will) ✦ Psychic Reach 2 or Ranged 10; +20 vs. Will; 2d8 + 7 psychic damage, and the target is slowed until the end of Telecanthus’s next turn and pushed 2 squares. M/R Double Hammering (standard; at-will) ✦ Psychic Telicanthus makes two mindhammer attacks. M Force Switch (standard; recharge 5 6 ) ✦ Force Reach 4; targets two creatures; + 20 vs. Fortitude; 2d10 + 5 force damage, and the targets switch places. Telicanthus’s allies take no damage from this attack. M Suffering Ties (standard; encounter) ✦ Psychic +20 vs. Fortitude; 1d10 + 7 psychic damage, and until the start of Telicanthus’s next turn, attacks that hit Telicanthus deal half damage to Telicanthus and half to the target. Nondamaging effects such attacks impose affect the target instead. Any healing the target gains is halved between the target and Telicanthus. C Binding Suggestions (standard; recharge 6 after being first bloodied) ✦ Psychic Close burst 2; targets enemies; +18 vs. Will; the target is dazed (save ends). Each turn the target starts dazed, Telecanthus can make a secondary attack against that target. Secondary Attack: +20 vs. Will; the target takes 7 psychic damage and is dominated (save ends). Miss: The target takes 2d6 + 7 psychic damage. Alignment Evil Languages Common, Deep Speech Skills Bluff +23, Diplomacy +23, Insight +17 Str 12 (+9) Dex 17 (+11) Wis 18 (+12) Con 18 (+12) Int 21 (+13) Cha 24 (+15) Equipment robes


A well-to-do githyanki glass merchant whose deep pockets put him in the good graces of all the right people in Sayre. Though his origins made him seem suspect, he never once spoke an unkind word or acted in any way that marked him as an ally of the invaders. After a fair number of fancy parties and other acts of schmoozing, he finally won a small amount of trust from the locals, and let him run his business and relax in his expensive mansion.

He had everyone fooled, but the Champions knew better.

As soon as the Coalition was formed, their first true mission was to determine if Telicanthus was truly hiding something. Lucas, Kayleth, and Mr. Paradox snuck into his manse and discovered a hidden door in his office, which eventually led them to a device known as the Bitter Glass. Used properly, it could allow constant communication among a small network of individuals regardless of distances or planar boundaries.

After the destruction of the Glass, Telicanthus was confronted. All his carefully chosen words and layers of deceptions faded the instant he realized he no longer had a reason to keep the city trusting him. With his psychically-mutated butler, Pennel, he rushed the party, swearing bloody revenge. Though he talked a good fight, he was ultimately outmatched, and his death signaled the end of Chapter 8: Haven of the Bitter Glass.


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