An invoker dedicated to the Raven Queen’s mandates, Jayne is a resourceful entity shrouded in mystery.

He originally served in the Death Mockers adventuring company, alongside Erdanen and Jett (and later, Ziggy). After a time, however, he began to seek other ways to use his talents, and bid the group farewell after the failed githyanki invasion at Overlook. He vowed to help the city heal and rebuild, taking up the mantle of the fallen keeper of the Dark Lady’s temple.

Though his companions owed him much, he was a distant friend at best. His entire personality seemed subsumed by his religious devotion, and inquiries of his own personal story met only with replies that resembled creation myths. Still, he at least cared enough for his former party’s well-being to send along a promising young cleric from his order, Sokaris.


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