The quintessential backstabber.


The original third member of the Triage, Shiv soon proved his talents made him more of a liability to the group than an asset. A kleptomaniac with a fond love for competition, he managed to get the group in far more trouble than necessary during their first job. His mischievousness quickly turned to treachery, but a minotaur named Bressal put a stop to him, and drove him from the group’s employ.

Shiv went on to work for a mercenary group based in Overlook, which had the opportunity to run into the new Triage during the siege at Bordin’s watch. While the three heroes scoured the vents to find the Nexus, Shiv slaughtered his new teammates and set up an ambush, having secretly sold his services to Sarshan some time ago. His plan failed, though, and he was killed in battle by Bressal.

... Or so it seemed. He was later found trapped in the domain of Monadhan, where he no longer posed any threat to the Champions’ goals.



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