Gallia is the lifelong love of Tokk’it, but the party has never truly met her. When they first encountered her, she was already possessed by a githyanki spy. This spy is personally responsible for the lives lost at Akma’ad, as it used her body to disable the fortress’ defenses and expose two of the three elders present to fatal attacks from Brann’ot, a githyanki assassin.

After the conflict, the Death Mockers quickly implicated her as the source of all the githzerai’s woes. She has been separated from her communication device and kept under close guard. The githyanki will not willingly release her from its control. She must be kept bound, lest she continue her attempts to disfigure herself – the spy controls her distantly, and it cannot feel her pain. It remains in her body not to glean further secrets from its enemies, but to lower their morale.

At the end of Chapter 9, Tokk’it could bear with her suffering no longer. He pleaded with Sokaris to do his duty as a cleric of the Raven Queen and put an end to her suffering. Upon hearing of her death, Bressal Steelhoof became furious.


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