A deva paladin of Bahamut, reborn to save the world from Tiamat.


Although originally freed by Erdanen, Ziggy, Jayne, and Jett, she firmly believes in the power of each of the PCs, and knows that they are the keys to overcoming the trials ahead. She is a powerful paladin, but abhors battle. She leaves most fights to the PCs, while she carries on important work in the background. She is the party’s ambassador, and she has spent many of their adventures traveling the world, gaining contacts in high places and paving the way for the creation of the Platinum Shield Coalition.

She is prone to having visions, though she does not often share their contents. She believes the dreams to be missives from her god, Bahamut; signs given to her to show her where to go next and how to avert disaster.

Her diplomatic skills earned her a place of high honor among the voting members of the Coalition council, but she never held political power herself until the beginning of Chapter 10. Amyria was elected to be the new representative of Sayre, and further elevated to the position of leadership in the Council. All this was thanks to the efforts of the Champions.

With the war ended, Amyria has abdicated her position, letting the nations become equals in their enduring alliance. She has faded into the background of Sayre society, hoping to commune with her god and gain insight to Tiamat’s ambitions. To this end, she continues to rely upon the aid of Blank the Many, Lord Erdanen Torrance, Ionen, Io Reborn, Jett the Incinerator, and Saint Komè.


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