The Coalition's War

Battle for the Key, part 2

Pushed to their limit, the party knew they would have to rely on the special restorative potions they discovered back in the Well of Worlds. Imbibing just a small flask of it would refresh the drinker as though he’d slept a full night – but there were only three to go around, as Komé had kept his. Jett, having taken the brunt of the enemies’ attacks, drank his potion, but the other two opted to save theirs until the Cev’ren was in sight.

And of course, the ship was just around the corner… and defended by two githyanki cadres behind a tall barricade of well-placed crates. Guts was the first to rush into the fray, but he was knocked silly by a fusillade of psychic shots from the githyanki archers. Jett followed shortly after, teleporting behind the barricade before erupting in fiery and necrotic bursts, wiping out several corsair cutters all at once. The shipmaster who led them retaliated, and with the aid of four archers, managed to put Jett in a tight spot. Guts tried to help, but was waylaid by a gish warmaster calling for his blood – the githzerai’s oaths would not let him abandon his foe.

By the time Bugug finally climbed the ladder to the platform, more than half the enemy lay dead, but those that remained were doing a more than passable job of wearing down Guts and Jett. Seeing Jett’s predicament, he leaped over the crates and cut down all four archers in as many seconds. Without even waiting for a word of thanks, he then turned around to set his sights on the gish.

Meanwhile, Erdanen had been busy cleaning up the rest of the corsair cutters, but he managed to find his friends just in time to revitalize them with his majestic words. With all four of them working in concert, the two cadre leaders soon fell, but not before the Cev’ren cast off, heading for the gate high above.

Conveniently, Mr. Paradox chose this moment to reveal himself – Bejam had sent him and the Sacrifice in the event that a ship was needed to end the fight. All four clambered aboard as the child prodigy wheeled the vessel skyward in search of Kada’ne and his key. Bugug drank his potion, while Erdanen gave up his to Guts. When the Sacrifice finally caught up to the Cev’ren, the Champions secured three of their mooring lines to the enemy ship to keep it from escaping.

As Kada’ne drew his blade and ordered his men to bring him the heads of the interlopers, Erdanen drew forth his songblade and split the sky with a heroic theme he’d composed for the Coalition. Emboldened by these notes, each of his friends seemed to grow stronger with each opponent who fell before them – and by the time they managed to corner Kada’ne, they were unstoppable!

In a fit of rage, Jett smashed the controls to the Cev’ren, causing it to begin a death spiral. Erdanen and Guts scrambled to cut the lines connecting it to their own ship, while Jett jumped off the dying vessel and burnt the last line after he was across.

All three looked on in horror as the ships lurched away from each other, creating an impossible gap with Bugug still stranded on the Cev’ren. Jett cried out as he realized he’d doomed his ally, while Bugug jumped, falling far short of his goal. The poor bugbear fell a hundred feet onto solid stone and survived, only to watch the ship crash right on top of him.


“The poor bugbear fell a hundred feet onto solid stone and survived, only to watch the ship crash right on top of him.”

Heh. splat! Yer can’t kill meh! I’m inv—airship crashes onto bugbear

Battle for the Key, part 2

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