The Coalition's War

Chapter 15: Legacy of Io

All that remains of Bahamut is the tiniest scraps of Io...

Following the death of Onthorirfel, our heroes returned to *Sayre, their spirits dampened by the death of Bahamut. So much effort and planning had gone into their excursion to the Shadowfell, all in the hope of discovering Tiamat plot. Discover it they had, only to learn that they were born hundreds of years too late to have any hope of stopping her. As powerful as each of them had become, they were still barely even pawns in the greater conflicts between the deities.

Amyria felt the Platinum Dragon’s death more keenly than anyone, both due to her dedication to her patron’s noble cause and the total removal of her powers. She knew that the removal of the god of justice would plunge the world into a torpor of greed and revenge from which it would never recover. Crime would see a sharp increase across the realm, and left unchecked, it would undo the once-mighty Coalition.

Sayre was no exception. Though outwardly it appeared a wealthy, cultured center of enlightenment, the Champions knew better. Sayre had always had an unruly homeless population, many of them members of the now-shattered cult of Tiamat. Lord Erdanen Torrance could do little but sit and watch in the days that followed while the people he’d been chosen to lead stole from and attacked one another, his own guards no longer interested in the oaths they’d sworn to protect and serve. All the while, Erdanen muttered promises to his dark sword, swearing that he’d find a way to return himself to glory and wreak his vengeance on the Dragon Queen.

It did not help his mood to discover that Mr. Paradox, ordered to impersonate him in his absence, had been unable to halt the advances of a number of young women who’d sought to gain the young mayor’s favor. Saint Kome and Ionen laughed to see the bard so flustered, but Blank was oddly infuriated at the sight of such shallow flirtations made on her traveling companion. Low on patience, Erdanen had Dox banished from his sight, forbidden to return to the Torrance estate.

At length, Amyria called the Champions to her once more. She was deathly pale, yet a glimmer of hope burned dimly in her eyes, for she’d once again received a vision that she claimed had come from Bahamut – a last gift to his beleaguered children. In it, she saw herself pierced by an arrow of bone, silver-chased blood dripping from the wound. She believed the arrow to be the most important part of the metaphor-laden message, and begged the heroes to do what they could to discover more about it. Kome suggested they head to the greatest source of knowledge available to research the vision: the Swan Tower in the astral dominion of Hestavar, the seat of Ioun herself and the location of her greatest library.

But even traveling to the home of the cleric’s patron would still be a perilous journey. For starters, none would be able to accompany the Champions on the Sacrifice, not even Dox or Tok’kit. The homes of the gods were not designed to accommodate the welfare of living followers – only the celestial essences of angels and the exalted, faithful mortals who’d been gifted with new life for their service. Normal mortals who made such a foolish journey found themselves undone by the mere proximity to such beings of unfathomable power. The Champions, however, could surely resist such an effect at least for a time.

Upon landing on Hestavar’s ivory shore, the Sacrifice was attacked by what appeared to be a contingent of Bahamut’s angels, accompanied by a pair of silver dragons. Kome refused to fight, his saintly example giving the dragons pause. Erdanen, however, flew into a rage, dealing death to those he might have called allies under different circumstances. Jett decided he’d seen enough and demanded that his friend finally relinquish his hold on the Sword of Kas and come back to his senses. Erdanen vehemently refused, even after being confronted mono-a-mono in Ruin Silme Megil’s pocket dimension.

The bard unleashed a terrible string of spells which, augmented by the traitorous blade’s magic, felled the genasi in moments. Jett’s gamble was not in vain, however, as Erdanen reappeared in front of his other allies with few tricks left to best them. Blank prevented the bard’s escape, psionically dragging him back after he tried to run while Ionen pummeled him with arcane might. In the end, the sword was sealed in a Solace Bole, and Erdanen’s personality seemed to return to normal.

After making it to the Swan tower unchallenged, Blank encountered Scramandar, offering his aid in research. She convinced her friends to accept the cambion’s offer, in exchange for disclosing their findings to him. After ingratiating themselves with the library’s keepers, the party’s search bore fruit: Hestavar records spoke of an ancient treaty between its three rulers (Pelor, Ioun, and Erathis) and Asmodeus, lord of the Nine Hells.. The devil’s followers were allowed safe passage through the domain, provided they kept their intentions peaceful. As a To seal the treaty, the four parties sealed away a great weapon: the Arrow of Fate. It was an artifact from the Dawn War, rumored to be a part of Io that did not meld with either of the dragon siblings, and it had great power over both the divine and base.

But now the Champions needed it to fulfill Amyria’s prophecy, even if it meant upsetting the peace in the dominion. To get it, they would have to break four seals. The first was made into a great bell by Pelor to welcome the dawn each day. The second was paved into the very streets of Methion, Hestavar’s busiest market and pride of Erathis. The third was hidden in a secret library of Ioun’s, along with lore too dangerous to make widely available to her followers. The final seal could only be broken after the first three were breached, and was said to be guarded by a shackled Primordial…


How does Saint Kome deal with having to defy the pact of Ioun and shatter her seal?

Chapter 15: Legacy of Io

Many attempts were made by our good cleric, Kome, to reach a diplomatic solution – to explain to the guardians of Ioun’s seal why it needed to be broken after being so long kept. But they would not listen.

Chapter 15: Legacy of Io

Komè had difficulties convincing himself to openly defy his patron goddess, and made many attempts to not just convince the guardians of Ioun’s seal, but also to make direct contact with his goddess, even if that meant sacrificing himself to be in Her presence to gain Her blessing for the task at hand. But his efforts to speak with Her were in vein. So he did what he thought She would want him to do, which is to say that he should take destiny into his own hands, and spread knowledge of the Arrow of Fate through a group immune to the corruption of power, and to uncover the knowledge of its power to revive Bahamut.

Chapter 15: Legacy of Io

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