The Coalition's War

Chapter 10: Throne of the Stone-Skinned King

The Coalition suffers from its recent losses, but graced by new leadership, it pushes forward.

The Sacrifice returned to Sayre, bearing Amyria, Kome, Zan-kyri, Sokaris, and the grateful Bejam. The Champions were weary from their journey, and still they mourned the loss of Ea. They wished only to return with their news and to take comfort in the pleasures afforded by their new home.

But it was not to be so. As the flying vessel touched down in the usual hidden clearing outside the town, Legion was seen to be waiting for them. He was seated by a tree, hands on his knees; it looked as though the grass had grown around him in the week they’d been gone. When asked about this unusual behavior, he replied simply that there was nothing for him to do in Sayre.

Kome and the others filled the warforged in on the sad news, that Ea was now lost to them. Legion seemed not to understand this particular use of the word, and replied that the party should return to Nefelus and look for her. Sokaris rephrased the message in a more blunt manner: Ea was dead.

“Ah, you mean she is in Hell,” Legion surmised.

Zan gave a cry frustration and grief. He refused to waste his time dealing with the impossibly tactless and crude warlock and started up the road to civilization. Kome, Sokaris, and Amyria protested, saying that a virtuous servant of order like Ea would never wind up in Hell – but Legion countered that Ea was a tiefling, and her soul was forfeit from birth. It was now more apparent than ever that Legion’s worldview was tainted by soulless, unfeeling logic, and this made him seemingly incapable of putting himself in someone else’s shoes.

Upon returning to Sayre, Tokk’it, asked Sokaris to finally end the misery of his wife, Gallia. Sokaris agreed, and while Bressal searched fruitlessly through libraries to find a cure for her, the dragonborn performed her last rites and then executed her as painlessly as possible. Crestfallen, Bressal left the city after announcing his displeasure to some of the other Champions.

Lord Divian Torrance called forth Legion, Sokaris, Jett, and Thoradin to assign them a new mission: seek out Cachlain in the Feywild and stop him from further aiding the githyanki invasion of the world. Before he could deliver the specifics of the quest, however, Chillreaver descended from the cloudy sky and devoured him.

Chillreavers twin heads took turns berating Jett for bringing the Coalition against him, blaming him for the loss of Icehome and vowing revenge against him and all his new friends. Ruin Silme Megil flashed with fury as it remembered its old foe, and between Jett’s blade and Thoradin’s hammer the beast was finally defeated.

An emergency meeting of the Coalition was called, and the remaining members decided that an election would be held to replace Torrance, as well as Haloc, who had become too enfeebled by age to continue attending meetings. The heroes decided to nominate Amyria for the position of leadership, and dedicated the next two weeks to campaigning on her behalf. Even if they were unsuccessful, they would at least have something to do while they waited for Caliandra to find a way into Cachlain’s court.

With Amyria as the new Coalition leader (thanks to the vigilance of the Champions unearthing her rival’s political foul plays), the four who defeated Chillreaver set out to intercept a party of slavers sent by Cachlain to collect fresh recruits in the wake of githyanki strikes. With luck, they would possess some kind of key that would allow them magical access to Cachlain’s domain in the Feywild…



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